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Share Trading Registration

Building wealth through shares is an important part of your investment strategy, it pays to keep it simple with ShreeMeru Enterprises. Please Submit Your Enquiry To Open your account with the fastest growing online Stock Brokers Channel Partner Company in India.

Want To Buy Mutual Funds?

Building wealth through Mutual Funds is an important part of your investment strategy.Please Submit Your Enquiry To Start Investing in Mutual Funds with the fastest growing Mutual Funds Adviser company in India.


Insurance is there to provide protection for yourself, your investment and your business. You need insurance to protect your life, your ability to earn income, and to keep a roof over your head. Please Submit Your Enquiry To Protection for yourself, your investment and your business etc.,

Personal / Home Loans

If you are looking for home loans, personal loans, loans against your properties, education loans, vehicle loans or loan for your business/company and any other loans. Then Please Submit Your Enquiry With ShreeMeru To So that we will be assisting you to get loans as per your requirements.

Other Services

If you are looking after other services offered by ShreeMeru like Tax Auditing Service, Company Registration, Income Tax Filing, Company Auditing, Doctors on Call, Legal Consultancy, Wealth Creation, Investment Services, Pension plans, Continued Child Education, Real Estate Services etc., then please Submit Your Enquiry.

About ShreeMeru Enterprises is a proprietary of ShreeMeru Enterprises. The names Shri Meru, Sri Meru, Shrisri Meru all refer to Shree Meru, which typically denotes the "Holy Mountain." The mountain referred here is not specific to one that lies at a particular geographical location, like Himalayas. It is the Holy Mountain that everyone has in them inside that gives abundant energy, power to control the emotions, brings up awesome mental strength in oneself with true love and affection, gives a lot of maturity in logical thinking and behavior, brings out one's innate hidden potentials/strengths to achieve the desired objective/goal in one's life, etc., etc., Yes! but this is not the "mind" or the "intelligence" as a separate entity, as you know well always there is a tussle between mind and intelligence when it comes to decision making process and at difficult times in one's life, simply. It is the power driven by undivided attention and concentration and superior control over one's mind and intelligence. This is the intangible master administrator that one can say. Generally what all you want in this given life is "peace of mind", "clear and logical thinking", "away from disease/illness" etc., right! considering everything else is constant in the world. We normally have a lesser control over the external environment around us but we can undoubtedly have a control over the internal products that we have whether tangible or intangible, though at times illness, sorrow, overhappiness are unavoidable. Precisely, we all require a "balanced" in all respects, like balanced thought process and balanced mind. If we could get this, it is damn sure, we have achieved it. As you all know well, always we need someone to show the right path and guide us. Here, ShreeMeru (the "Holy Mountain") is going to help you, for sure, a bit if not 100%. We are all Holy because we have been given the eternal human life away from other creatures in the world.

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